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This system comes in the next two years in 13 languages on the market!
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Contact Manager and Management Tools
- Web-based contact management system (CRM)
- Manage addresses, personal
- Categorization of contacts
- Personal notes
- completely freely configurable records and lists
- timed actions
- Calendar System
- Export and import functions
- Comprehensive filter
- Event Management
- task management with group function ()
- Full integration of the communication system
Email and communications
- Email-Office to receive and send internal messages (function group)
- Integration of external email addresses to send and retrieve
- timed email delivery
- Email Forwarding
- Group transfer
- Action interface to control various functions of the system by email (eg time deposit)
- Prepared for SMS, fax, telephone and external data services
- Social Receptor Composer and social interaction with various social networks
Forms, contact handling and Follow-Ups System
- Mailing list
- List Management
- Subscription Management
- Text and HTML emails can
- Variable transfer of all other components
- Single and Double Opt-In
- Broadcast capability
- Shipping Date
- Filter Rules
- Support for file attachments
- Automatic form generation
- Statistics system calls and clicks
- Automatic logon and logoff functions at the link and form and email
- Configurable follow-up sequences, any number of file attachments in emails
- Full integration with all other components
- Action for handling each host disease
- Automatic removal for non-response (time control)
- Extensive personalization features
- Automatic handling of subscriptions
- Large group functions with data exchange
- Template Manager with pre-shipment templates and custom templates
- Freely definable sender and recipient addresses
- Action rules for word recognition (configurable as automatic time deposit)
- Action Date Shipping (for instance on birthdays)
- Optional SMS and fax (can be configured with rules)
- Email-loop function (recurring shipping)
- Click stream tracking control with additional useful (evaluation) of the user behavior
- Branding Followups
Newsletter, pages, RSS and Feed System
- - Mailing lists and recipient
- Fully integrated with all other components
- Custom filter rules
- Import and export tools (for example, CSV format)
- Text and HTML newsletter with additional online viewing
- Automatic and manual white and black list function
- Domain, individual email, rule application, global lock
- Step by Step and Double Opt-In
- Bounce management with optional setting you disable / lock of recipients
- Extensive protection features (optionally activated) for forms
- Comprehensive statistics system
- Automation system to call your own functions according to the rule
- Rules (recipient unknown, Hard Bounce, ...)
- Anti-spam tool to detect Newsletter components that could be identified as spam
- Comprehensive geo-tracking, issue an RSS feed and social media integration
- Click stream control for evaluation of user behavior
- Split tests
- Branding Blogs
Templates, landing pages and forms
- Professional Website Templates
- Combines all content elements such as headings, content in the form of text, image or
- All the links of your social media networks is automatically possible
- Automatically without prior knowledge search engine optimization
- Branding the entire link structure of Web
- Split-test with auto-rotation Content
- Domain Branding

 This system comes in the next two years in 13 languages on the market!
Sign up for free and without obligation - please confirm your e-mail, go
to the back office and you'll see!

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